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My personal experience about this web host (Bluehost hosting, and domain) and everything else that you should know that it is all going well for the people in this post, so I would be prepared if If you are seeing this post then you are guessing that may start your first website or maybe you are looking for an alternative web post, maybe you are not happy with your present hosting but people Now I am going to help you decide whether you should make a good website or not.

 In this post I am going to tell you about the Bluehost domain and Hosting, So let’s go straight into it okay guys, so here we are There is a link on the website. There will be a link to it in the description below so that you can get this discounted price instead of $ 7.99 per month. You are going to start at just $ 3.95 per month for 36 month


So the first thing you see here , this plan includes free domain registration and free SSL certificate in this plan, which includes  24*7 customer support. Bluehost is right, but I have no problem whenever I need to contact them whenever I need help.

Customer Support

Customer support helps me very fast, they actually give you a free domain. See later that this post is fine, so if you want to follow people with me, just click this link in the description below, go to this website below and you can see this value and you can join me.  You can follow and see yourself on the website if you want to.

 Let’s click start. I’ll show you the various plans they have with Bluehost. One thing I forgot to mention Bluehost gives a money-back guarantee. More about that right here. So if you cancel the plan within 30 days if you want, you get a full refund on your hosting service, only money-back guarantee specific to most add-on products and their costs Looking at nature, But it does not apply to Bluehost domains and hosting

So if you sign up at Bluehost and you decide that you don’t like that they can give you money back on their own genuine hosting service. If you are not happy with it if you do not decide on Bluehost Then you will have 30 days to cancel. But I am sure you will be happy with this plan. If you sign up, there will be a problem working with Bluehost anytime. Just have a quick look at the plans so that they click on this button to get started right here. We will look at all the different plans that Bluehost offers us so choose your plan below as you want.

WordPress Access

It is actually the number one recommendation for WordPress as well that you use Bluehost okay you can come here this is on the actual website and as you can see their first recommendation is Bluehost. It is a one-click install once you go through it once you go on to Bluehost choose your domain to create your account everything like that it is literally one click and your WordPress website will be installed.

WordPress will be installed that easy it is super simple to do it is so quick you get the free domain with it as well and if you know anything about WordPress guys it is one of the best website building platforms available today. I’ve actually got posts showing you how to create a website through WordPress in under 10 minutes that are using Bluehost. it can all be done your website will actually be built and ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

I will have that post linked in the description down below for you if you are interested in that but that is one great advantage to using Bluehost is that it works fully and is fully compatible with WordPress which is one of what I recommend you build your websites on anyway all right so overall guys with Bluehost I have had no problems with them whatsoever their uptime is good.

Speed Time

 I’ve never had a problem with ups up time at all, okay I think they guarantee like 99% uptime but for me personally, I’ve never had a problem it’s been 100% since I’ve been with him and that has been a long time and I’ve got a lot of websites built through Bluehost as well okay and like I said at the start of this post the 24*7 support is really really good as well they get back to you as fast as they possibly can and that is fast.


They do not mess around they get back to you very very quickly like I said I’m in India okay which is you know out of their time zone but they still get back to me very quickly because it is 24*7. You know one-click WordPress install is super simple. It’s easy to use. it’s literally one click and WordPress will be installed and you can have your website up and running in less than 10 minutes it is that easy guys so that is my Bluehost review I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a website to create their first website or even to switch over from another web hosting that you’re not happy with current hosting, I highly recommended from me.

So if you’re interested guys like I said link will be in the description down below for this all right guys so there we go that is my Bluehost review I am very very happy with this web hosting I’ve had no problems whatsoever with them they are very fast it’s very easy to use with a one-click WordPress install the free domain that given you. You can’t see much wrong with Bluehost or whatsoever okay so if you are interested in signing up guys don’t forget to check the link at the top of the description.        

That’s going to get you the best deal that’s available right now. The best discount will be available by using that link in the description down below so click that if you want to sign up so thanks for the interest in this post guys hope you found it informative I hope it helped you