Ajmal Wisal Dhabab Perfume Deodorant 200ml for men



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Product Description

The wonderful essence of the perfume will bring out the sparkling impression at the first whiff. The aroma in every note will attract and please the composed male.

Crafted for men

Capacity- 200ml

Type- EDP

Mood- A perfume that exhibits a combination of warmth and divine feel and builds confidence in men.

Top Note

The welcoming aroma of the freshly ripened apple, orange and pear will create a warm fragrance in the top note. It passes the enchanting blend of fruity aroma to make a t impression.

Heart Note

The floral scent in the heart note will trigger a captivating feel and it will give an overwhelming aroma. The perfect proposition of the flower will create a sweet fragrance.

Base Note

The perfect infusion of sandalwood and pine will harmonise the base tone. The soothing fragrance will create a calming bouquet of aroma.


Apply the perfume directly over clean and damp skin, preferably after a shower for better absorption.


For effective application of the perfume, the key is to spray it on the pulse points.


Spray the perfume behind ear lobes, behind knees, inner elbows, throat and wrist.

Ajmal Perfumes has nearly 6 decades of expertise in crafting enchanting and enticing fragrances. At Ajmal, we have perfected the science, art and craft of perfumery and are delighted to present our creations to you. These selections can be appealing to any contemporary connoisseurs who are also deeply rooted in traditional values. These concentrated perfume oils and eau de Parfum offer a discerning memorable experience.

With its scent, it contributes to an exotic realm of middle-eastern fragrances.
A perfume complex yet beautifully designed to win the day for men.
The perfume is cast in a magnificent gilt-edged bottle which gives an exotic look.This are the Notes of the Perfume:- Top Note – Fruity Fresh, Middle Note – Floral, Base Note – Woody Musky
Usage- While applying EDP give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the bottle approximately 5 to 10cm away from your body or clothes as you spray it.


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