Den of Man DailyActive Masculine Hygiene Wash For Jock Itch, Daily Cooling & Refreshing, 50GM

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Product Description

It is impossible to put up a show of being fresh, confident and recharged when your genital area is inducing immense discomfort, a putrid odour and uneasiness due to unwanted secretions. There, we said it.

Intimate wash for manIntimate wash for man


Den of man Hair Masculine hygiene wash is crafted especially for men keeping in mind the consistent issues faced throughout the day. It is a common sight now a days with modern man dressed up professionally or casually scratching their groin area unintentionally. No one to blame but the climate causing persistent itching and resulting in rashes. Your daily bathing routine which includes soap or body wash might just not enough to offer you the lasting protection. Enter the “DEN OF MEN”

tea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oiltea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil

Tea Tree & Peppermint Essential Oil

The presence of Bliss of Earth’s Tea Tree Essential Oil ensures that your intimate area gets skin benefits in galore. From keeping chances of developing fungal infections at bay to killing off any bacteria. While Peppermint essential oil keeps you cool and refreshed all the time giving you a pleasant minty aroma while you work up with the Den of Man Masculine Hygiene Wash.

witch hazal, aloe vera gelwitch hazal, aloe vera gel

Alcohol Free Witch Hazel & 99% Pure Aloe Vera

Den of Man Hygiene Wash also ropes in an equally skin-loving ingredients – Bliss of Earth Alcohol Fee Witch Hazel which & 99% pure aloe vera gel. Renowned for their ability to put the kibosh on bacterial infection besides expediting the process of healing of scars, spots, razor cut marks, etc. Witch Hazel also helps thoroughly cleaning the genital area while aloe vera soothes the skin.

paraben free washparaben free wash

Free From Harsh Chemicals

What’s more you can ask for?

Yes. That’s true. Den of Man Masculine Hygiene Wash is free from all harsh chemicals like paraben, sulfates and alcohol. When it comes to Intimate Hygiene, risk is not worth taking by using ordinary soaps, shampoos or body washes to clean your genitals. That’s why we make sure you can completely rely on a product which is 100% ayurvedic while being safe and highly effective.

Hygiene wash for manHygiene wash for man


Keeping the fast paced lives of today’s man in consideration, we at Den of Man are gung-ho to present to you a gentle refreshing genital cleanser for men with Bliss of Earth products going into its making. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just organic ingredients – wholesome, pure and potent. Worth Trying each ingredient to see for yourself as how much effective they are.

Our alcohol-free formula of Den of Men restores genital skin’s natural acidic pH level in addition to reducing irritation by nipping those germs in the bud that foment unpleasant odour and itching.

Given the plethora of problems men have to put up with right from irritation caused by perspiration to a discomfiting genital release to bacterial growth leading to a foul stench, Den of Men tackles them and how!


From rashes that develop in the groin due to ringworm or attack by yeast to boils, lesions, blisters and what not, taking care of your private parts will be a piece of cake for all the men out there beset by such skin woes.

Neutrally balanced at pH7 Den of Men Daily Active Masculine Hygiene Wash is incredibly gentle on your pubic region just like pure water.

From removing a foul stench to preventing irritation, itching and bacterial/fungal infections, our Masculine Hygiene Wash moisturises your genital region leaving you cool, fresh and perked up throughout the course of the day.

men intimate wash, hygiene wash for menmen intimate wash, hygiene wash for men

Describe your products in three words.

What Men Want

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

A similar product designed especially for women in my earlier venture observed a high traction from the men. It was evident from the numbers that men also want to feel fresh and clean down there. Credit definitely goes to today’s modern lifestyle where millennials are equally beauty conscious along with being the health freaks. Market is flooded with grooming essentials for men but this was one area where they still had to rely on women’s products. Having seen the the trend, it was easier for me to come up with a brand focusing on millennials making them to dump women products.

What makes your product special?

Masculine hygiene wash was probably the easiest product for me due to my expertise of the feminine hygiene category over the last 6 years. This product is completely natural and made using bliss of earth products mostly. It contains Bliss of earth witch hazel, bliss of earth tea tree, bliss of earth 99% pure aloe vera gel and bliss of earth peppermint essential oil.

What has been the best part of your experience?

The immediate connect of a man with the brand “Den of Man” is something I really feel excited about.

WHAT IT IS MADE OF: Bliss of Earth Alcohol Free Witch Hazel, Bliss of Earth 99% Aloe vera Gel, Bliss of Earth Peppermint Essential Oil, Bliss of Earth Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil. Other ayurvedic ingredients used are butea Superba, imperata cylindrica, celendula officinalis.
WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT: This is extremely mild and being soap free, it has neutral pH and specially formulated for MEN’s intimate region. This also offers far better cleansing than any soap or shower gels used in intimate areas.
WHO SHOULD USE IT: If you are sexually active or suffering from consistent itching or irritation in your groin area, feel the difference from very first use. This is must have for heavy thighs men who suffer pain in groin due to friction of thighs.
WHEN YOU SHOULD USE IT: Your daily bathing routine includes shampoo for hair, face wash for face, body wash for body. It’s now time to add DEN OF MAN MUSCULINE HYGIENE WASH FOR PRIVATE AREA to your daily bathing rituals to Feel Fresh-Feel Clean-Stay Active.


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