Lapcare 14.8V 2000mAh 4 Cell Compatible Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 15-AF Series



Price: ₹ 2,499.00 - ₹ 1,699.00
(as of Jun 03,2021 22:33:03 UTC – Details)

Batteries are arguably the most critical part of a device considering the fact that they keep the device up and running. Power back-up is one of the key factors that defines your mobility and safety of the stored data. It is often dangerous to use any battery with your laptop as it may not complement its statutory technical requirements. This may affect the performance of the laptop and can even damage its hardware. Lapcare offers a wide range of Li-ion quality laptop batteries that are TUV, RoHS and CE certified. They are backed by a full 12-month replacement warranty. 100% compatible with specified model, these batteries also conform to the required specifications. Lapcare batteries are tested for safety, longer life and designed for high performance output. Lapcare high capacity batteries work trouble free seamlessly.

Compatible with HP Pavilion 15-AF107AU 15-AF107AX 15-AF107NC 15-AF107NF 15-AF107NG 15-AF107NL 15-AF107NO 15-AF107NP 15-AF107NS 15-AF107NT 15-AF108AU 15-AF108AX 15-AF108NC 15-AF108NF 15-AF108NL 15-AF108NO 15-AF108NS 15-AF108NT 15-AF108UR 15-AF109AU 15-AF109AX 15-AF109NC 15-AF109NF 15-AF109NO 15-AF109NS 15-AF109NT 15-AF109UR 15-AF110AU 15-AF110AX 15-AF110CA 15-AF110LA 15-AF110NC 15-AF110ND 15-AF110NF 15-AF110NG 15-AF110NL 15-AF110NO 15-AF110NR 15-AF110NS 15-AF110NT 15-AF110UR
Compatible with HP Pavilion 15-AF111AU 15-AF111LA 15-AF111NA 15-AF111NC 15-AF111NF 15-AF111NO 15-AF111NS 15-AF111NT 15-AF111UR 15-AF112AU 15-AF112LA 15-AF112NA 15-AF112NC 15-AF112NL 15-AF112NR 15-AF112NT 15-AF113AU 15-AF113CL 15-AF113NA 15-AF113NC 15-AF113NF 15-AF113UR 15-AF114AU 15-AF114NA 15-AF114NF 15-AF114NG 15-AF115NA 15-AF115NF 15-AF115UR 15-AF116NA 15-AF116NG 15-AF117NA 15-AF117NF 15-AF117NG 15-AF117UR 15-AF118AU 15-AF118NF 15-AF118NG 15-AF118UR 15-AF119AU 15-AF119CA
Compatible Parts Number 807611-131 807611-141 807611-221 807611-241 807611-251 807611-421 807611-831 807612-131 807612-141 807612-221 807612-241 807612-251 807612-421 807612-422 807612-831 807956-001 807957-001 843532-851 843533-851 HS03 HS03031-CL HS04 HS04041 HS04041-CL HSTNN-DB7I HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-LB6V HSTNN-PB6S HSTNN-PB6T M2Q95AA#ABA M2Q95AA N2L85AA#ABB N2L85AA TPN-C125 TPN-C126 TPN-I119 TPN-I120
If your laptop’s model is not in the list please contact seller to validate compatibility before placing the order.


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