Livon Anti Germ Hair Spray, Protects Hair From 99.99% Germs, With Aloe & Multivitamins To Smoothen Hair, 200 ml

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Your hair is as exposed as your hands and face, making it vulnerable to all kinds of germs and microbes in the environment. So, every time you safeguard your hands and face, don’t forget to safeguard your hair too! Livon Anti-Germ Hair Spray is a first-of-its-kind hair spray that instantly fights and protects hair from 99.9% germs on hair and scalp, while leaving your hair smooth and scalp refreshed. Our specially crafted formulation for hair has the right mix of alcohol, antibacterial actives and hair conditioning agents, and is enriched with hydrating aloe and nourishing multivitamins, which neutralizes most germs and microbes, and provides effective protection to hair and scalp that lasts for 6 hours, while leaving your hair moisturized and smoother, without the need for a hair wash! So, the next time you step out or come back after having spent time outdoors, don’t forget to spray Livon Anti-Germ Hair Spray to protect your hair and scalp from germs & microbes. Livon Anti-Germ Hair Spray has a special rinse-free and quick-drying formulation, which makes it effective and convenient to use anytime, anywhere! You can spray it on your scalp and hair before you step out of the house for protection and/or re-apply while you’re out or after returning home to ensure that germs and microbes are fought effectively. Just spray it 3-4 times on each side of medium length hair. Spray more, as required, for longer hair. Run your fingers/comb through your hair to make sure that you cover you hair and scalp completely. Let your hair and scalp dry naturally.

Protection for hair and scalp that lasts for 6 hours
Moisturises hair, making it smoother and softer, and refreshes scalp
Enriched with the goodness of Aloe, Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E for hydration and nourishment
Specially crafted for hair, rinse-free and quick-drying formulation that can be used anytime, anywhere
Works on hair and scalp, effectively neutralizing most germs and microbes, leaving your scalp fresh and clean and hair smooth and soft


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