MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein With Digestive Enzymes (With Whey Protein), Double Chocolate 1Kg (2.2lb)

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Muscle XP Beginners Protein is a Whey protein source formulated to introduce and accustom you to a high protein diet. A regular diet does not suffice the body’s protein demand, thus, a protein supplement is required to boost the protein supply. Beginners Protein is the perfect initial protein supplement for individuals hitherto unused to high protein intake. As a source of both- Whey, which comprises 20% of milk protein, and Casein, which makes the rest of milk protein- it is a complete source of fast & slow acting proteins. The different digestion rates of whey and casein help to meet the body’s immediate protein need for repair and recovery of muscles post workouts. It also ensures sustained protein needed for maintaining the anabolic state during rest for the muscle growth. It is a simple yet effective supplement that prepares the foundation of a high protein diet. People reluctant to increase their protein intake due to common digestion problems such as bloating, stomach cramp and gas would find the Beginners Protein easy to digest. Whey Protein Concentrate for Muscle Recovery Whey protein concentrate contains 80% of pure whey by weight. It is rapidly broken down & absorbed by the body to quickly release amino acids. Calcium Caseinate for Muscle Growth Almost 90% of calcium caseinate is consists of casein protein. It is a protein that is especially rich in glutamine and minerals. This portion of the protein supplement gets slowly digested and gradually releases amino acids over a prolonged period. Maltodextrin for Increasing Energy Maltodextrin is a fast-acting carbohydrate that helps to maintain the energy level during workouts and re-energizes when included in the post-workout recovery diet. It is stored in the muscles as glycogen and eases post-workout recovery.

8.5g of EAAs including 2.7g of BCAAs help gain muscle and keep the body in anabolic state even while at rest. 13.5g of carbs are provided by a scoop (30g) of protein powder.
Contains digestive enzymes to quickly breakdown protein, ease digestion, minimize bloating, and other digestive issues associated with high protein intake.
Delivers all the essential amino acids, including the branched-chain amino acids to assist in muscle growth & development, maintain muscle mass, and minimize muscle loss.
Ideal protein supplement for a beginner’s muscle building diet. It supports sustainable protein-release to meet your muscle’s protein need for several hours and help in post-workout recovery.


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