MysticAura- Abundance Blend (Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, 10 ml) (Blend Pack)



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Product Description

The feeling of abundance is not only bound by materialistic pleasures. It is a state of mind which opens up newer avenues and gets you to see an ocean of possibilities. You can achieve greater things in your daily life when you feel abundance. Experience the sense of abundance, affluence and opulence by using 5-6 drops of this therapeutic oil blend in a diffuser in your home and office space. Diffusing the blend will also leave a positive impact on the Sahasrara and Muladhara chakras.

Pure therapeutic essential oil

Quantity: 10 ml

Blend of 7 healing oils

Ideal for diffusers

Comes with a ceramic diffuser & 6 Tea light candles



Signature Blends by MysticAura

MysticAura brings Pranic Aromatherapy in form of essential oil blends for diffusing. The purpose of MysticAura is to use aromatherapy for an elevated sense of well-being by impacting chakras of the human body. We hand blend highly potent essential oils with precision to bring the desired impact of the products.

WishingTree, Kaplavirksha, Abundance, ProsperityWishingTree, Kaplavirksha, Abundance, Prosperity

Therapeutic essential oil Blend

Usher in the sense of abundance, opulence and affluence as you diffuse this therapeutic oil from MysticAura. Hand blended with the knowledge of the life of essential oils, this oil will open your life up to help you move on from the past into a prosperous future. This oil will act as a positive booster in your life to help you improve your emotional and mental health.

Abundance in every dropAbundance in every drop

Power of 7 blended healing oils

Delve into the goodness of this therapeutic oil that is a blend of seven healing oils. MysticAura’s Abundance oil is a blend of 7 healing oils of Rose, Patchouli, Myrrh, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Orange, Lemon, Clove and Ginger. Each of these oils has its own unique properties that will cleanse your aura and balance the chakras based on their unique ability to interact with your chakras.

Diffused AbundanceDiffused Abundance

Enchanting fragrance

Fill your home with a feeling of prosperity and abundance. Its divine aura has the power to invoke strong emotions and can be great stimulants of wealth and opulence. This oil is a mystic combination of seven oil blends that give a woody fragrance of flowers from Northeastern India to elevate your mind to experience the sense of abundance.

Diffuser of AbundanceDiffuser of Abundance

Dispense with Care and Sense of Gratitude for best results

First, pour a perfect quantity of water in the container of the diffuser and then add a few drops of the oil blend. After that, light a candle or a lamp with extra ghee while praying. You can notice within a few minutes that the aroma of the oil blend is making you feel the sense of abundance and in doing so it can change your and your loved ones’ lives.

Packaged to protect the potency of oils

Presented to you in an attractive little bottle, this therapeutic essential oil can be carried wherever you go. The bottle comes with a dropper to make it easier for you to measure the right proportion. The ergonomic design of the bottle also helps to lock in the purity and freshness of the oil.




Pranic Aromatherapy


Our Team

Blenders and Healers

Hand BlendedHand Blended

Our Process

Hand blended

Describe your products in three words.

Potent, Laden with Healing Properties, High Impact Aromatherapy

MysticAura brings nature’s essence to you. Historically, the knowledge about essential oils was limited to Royal families. When Cleopatra had to win over a king, she used Neroli and Jasmine oils to purify her royal aura to meet the needs of her Kingdom. However, in modern times, this know-how is limited to some families. MysticAura intends to bring you this precious knowledge for diffusing in the right corners of your home and office.

The products of MysticAura were tried tested and received very powerful stories to support the cause of going for a single minded mission to spread Aromatherapy as a method of owning health and well being.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

MysticAura is a brainchild of a Pranic healer who explored the Pranic properties of essential oils out interest. In last one decade, we have gathered consulting experience for global clients on complex technology and Organization Behaviour problems and 5 years of interest and training in understanding that there is more to life than what meets the eye. The intuitive ability to assess essential oils and a decade long Corporate exepreince Consulting converged to form MysticAura, the essential oils blending company that engineers these oils for synergetic human relations at workplaces and homes.

Each Signature blend has been crafted after undergoing years of study of properties of plants from where the essential oils are extracted, the natural tendencies of the oils and the eventual impact on human psychology to bring the products to you that work on brain neurotransmitter receptors to achieve an elevated state of life.

What makes your product special?

There are some things that are unique about MysticAura’s blends and one of them is the processes. There are several studies that have proven that water has a memory and the same logic can be extended to Essential Oils that are the language of nature. This is why blending essential oils is a sacred process for us. Our team starts the day with Yoga and Meditation for physical and etheric cleansing. To ensure that the mental state is just as elevated while blending the oils, we play spiritual and music that is high on frequency. YES, this is how we do it every time and every day.

MysticAura’s each oil bottle is hand blended and individually energized. To dig deeper, every drop of oil is individually added for the bottles. We do not make a big 1-litre basket of a certain oil and then put it in smaller bottles- You Know why? We believe that each blend is so unique because of the love affair among the 2- 8 different essential oils. They blend synergistically and then over the period settle among themselves and form a divine connection with each other. Bulk blending does not have that capability hence MysticAura’s every blend has a stamp of “Hand Blended”.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Success stories in relationships, families, workplaces and the world at large.

“I have been regular user of Abundance Blend and I use it for my Luxury Clothing Brand store. I have been using it everyday without fail and the fragrance is very satisfying. I feel that it keeps the energy high and gives my store a unique fragrance that makes my customers also ask about the aura of the store.”

“I could explore more possibilities in my own life after using the oil regularly. I believe in this brand now”

MysticAura’s Abundance Blend is a mixture of 7 healing oils of Rose, Patchouli,Myrrh, Black pepper, Cinnamon, Orange, Lemon, Clove and ginger
Blends prepared with knowledge of Life force of essential oils and composition is based on the life force of each of the essential oil from plant kingdom to give desired results
Ideally to be diffused in the North eastern corner of the household or business location
Potency of oils enhanced by Healers’ touch who hand blend the oils with precision in measurements


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