Right Products Protectors Gel Pads Heel Socks Silicone

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Price: ₹ 399.00 - ₹ 220.00
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Whether you are troubled by cracked
Whether you walk painful, pain, such as knife cut
Whether you insist on foot bath but little effect
Do you dare to wear a favorite sandals before naked people

– Our Heel Protectors can alleviate heel pain. plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, Achilles tendonitis can relieve caused by heel pain.
– Especially the elderly osteoporosis. Using artificial fats, can reduce the ground reaction force.
– Long standing campers, traffic police, ceremonial staff, postpartum pregnant women, are high incidence of heel pain.

Suitable for Heel Protectors can be used in the general population, recommend dry heels, Foot crack, heel moisture loss, heel pain, and foot health care professionals use.

Backups:including 1 pairs/2pieces plantar fasciitis gel heel protectors, in case lost, or suddenly can not be found
Size:do not worry about the size of the problem, the heel pad is very flexible, so that size is suitable for most feet
Instructions:directly wear in the heel, wear loose shoes to use(you can wear socks first or wear socks after)
Function:relieving heel pain, preventing the foot from cracking, soften the calluses, moisturizing and whitening, preventing grinding feet


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