Steamer Vaporizer All in One 3 Piece Facial Sauna/Nose/Cough/Nozzle Inhaler



Price: ₹ 699.00 - ₹ 398.00
(as of Jun 06,2021 14:28:29 UTC – Details)

Suitable for personal use and professional use, purpose: Aroma therapy, respiratory ailments therapy, nose and throat treatment, treatment of cold, bronchitis, laryngitis, hay fever, arthritis, asthma, ideal for facial steamer.Note : Do not use RO water or ground water.For cold, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, and allergy sufferers, this personal steam inhaler restores sufficient moisture to the lungs and respiratory tract. The patented plastic hood is contoured to cradle the face comfortably and directs warm moist air right into the nose and throat to temporarily relieve nasal, sinus, and chest congestion. Water goes into the unit’s easy-to-fill base where a patented heater gently boils it. The adjustable control lets you choose the amount of steam that rises up into the hood. A short 5- to 15-minute treatment is all that is required to make nasal and throat passages feel clearer. This small inhaler is compact for easy storage or travel to work or abroad.The vaporizer has one more advantage, it can be used as a beauty purpose with sauna, you can use the steamer during facial, clean up or in removing clogs out of the face. Cord length is approx 105 cm.

Attachments – Vaporizer has 3 attachments all in, consisting of Nasal steamer, Vaporizer and Facial sauna.Smooth Edges for Nose and Mouth attachment for general steam inhalation
Light weight Easy to use wash and carry.NOTE: You may experience slight odor of burning plastic due to heating and settling of virgin plastic. Hence it is highly recommended to wash the vaporizer with lukewarm water before first use.
Color: pink, green, blue( as par available send)
Enhance Beauty – Facial Sauna can be used for beauty purpose. You can use the sauna during facial, massaging and at the time of clean up. The vaporizer helps to clear the clogs and open the facial pores present deeply. Relieve Cold – Nasal steamer is provided to promote relief from cold, throat infection and congestion problems. You can add inhalants to the vaporizers like other medicines.


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